Our Process

The AJF Custom Home Process

Designing your Arizona custom home from the ground up is a large undertaking. However, the Arizona custom home buying process is the most efficient and effective use of time and money when it comes to ensuring that your next custom home will have all the features and amenities your lifestyle requires. At AJF Custom Homes, it is an all-inclusive custom home buying and building process from the preliminary planning to the final walk-through.

Arizona Custom Home Buying Process

Determining what features and amenities your ideal Arizona custom home should have and obtaining the financing to bring it to life can be overwhelming. When you schedule your free custom home consultation with AJF Custom Homes, we will show you how to manage the Arizona custom home buying and building process.

What to Expect During the Free Custom Home Consultation

Your initial consultation will take approximately one to two hours. During that time we will discuss the vision for your Arizona custom home. If you already have blueprints in your possession, we will discuss the layout. Otherwise, a summary of your desires will be noted for an architect to draft. If you are having trouble envisioning what your Arizona custom home should look like, AJF Custom Homes can review several plans for our semi-custom homes with you. We also have the following specialists available to help with all the building details, including:

  • Construction Engineers
  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Landscapers
  • Permit Coordinator/Project Management
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers

Even if you don’t have a lot or financing, we, at AJF, can assist you in selecting the perfect location for your new Arizona custom home, help you determine the best positioning of your custom home on the property and assist with obtaining the appropriate financing.

Once you see all the possibilities available to you as an AJF Custom Home client, we will walk you through the contract and paperwork.

Arizona Custom Home Building Process

Pre-Construction Meetings

Before we break ground, you will have a series of pre-construction meetings that involve the selection of your custom home’s exterior and interior features and amenities. We will also set expectations for the Arizona custom home building process.

Review our Home Amenities and Upgrades page for to discover what is available.

The Orientation Meeting

Once the foundation is laid and we begin erecting the frame of your Arizona custom home, we will hold a building orientation meeting to orient you with the construction features of your custom home, such as the landscape grading and property elevation.

Weekly Construction Meetings

Once a week you will meet at the construction site to review the progress of the construction on your new custom home.

AJF Custom Homes is a residential green builder, read more about it from our Residential Green Building page.

The following details the general progression of your custom home construction:

  • Land excavation for basement (if applicable)
  • Trench completion and footings poured
  • Basement stem-wall and flour pouring (if applicable)
  • Foundation prep and cement slab poured
  • Home framing
  • Installation of utilities (gas, electric, water/sewer, septic or well)
  • Roofing installed (tile, shingle, metal, wood)
  • Mechanical systems installed (heating, plumbing and electrical)
  • Siding installed
  • Insulation installed
  • Drywall installed
  • Painting and staining
  • Floor, stair railing, trim, cabinets, window and door trim installed
  • Prep for vinyl and ceramic areas laid
  • Countertops installed
  • Vinyl and tile installed
  • Built-in appliances installed
  • Lighting installed
  • Installation of heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems completed
  • Custom flooring and custom built-in entertainment centers and storage installed
  • Freestanding appliances delivered and installed
  • Finishing touches completed
  • Final walk-through scheduled

For a straightforward Arizona custom home buying process and an efficient Arizona custom home building experience, contact AJF Custom Homes first. In the Phoenix Metro area, call us at 623-434-1916 or call us in Scottsdale and the East Valley area at 480-292-9086.