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Going Green

The phrases “Going Green” and “environmentally friendly” are common place in terms of the building and usage of products. They are also about being conscientious of how we use our natural resources and interact with them. AJF Custom Homes will plan your project with environment preservation in mind from the earliest stages of project development. This means disturbing the land as little as possible and considering the home’s placement on the lot for the highest possible utilization of sun and wind exposures as well as other considerations for your Arizona Green Home.

AJF Custom Homes, as an Arizona Green Building company, recognizes that implementing energy efficient and environmentally friendly construction practices is not only safer for our environment, it also provides greater savings in home operating costs for our homeowners.

True energy efficiency and green building begins before the framing is erected or the concrete is laid. Arizona green building practices properly planned and implemented ensure that your green custom home will work with nature and help cut energy costs. The impact of a green home is significant not only to the environment but also to your wallet. AJF Custom Homes will employ environmentally safe products and procedures during the Arizona green custom home building process which include the following:

  • Building forms from plywood or aluminum
  • the reuse of forms as feasible
  • insulated concrete forms
  • perimeter drainage
  • Energy efficient siding and decking
  • rigid foam insulated foundation walls and slabs
  • Energy Efficient Windows & Doors
  • Energy Efficient Grade Insulation
  • Energy Star Efficiency Heating and Air Conditioning Units
  • Extended life shingles, tile, concrete or metal roofing
  • High Energy Efficient Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical systems
  • Energy efficient appliances and interiors

Contact AJF Custom Homes in the Phoenix Metro area at 623-434-1916 or in Scottsdale and the greater East Valley area at 480-292-9086 to find out how AJF Custom Homes can construct an Arizona Green Building project that will save you time, energy and home operating costs as well as promote the responsible use of our natural resources.

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